The Chair Mat – A Step Beyond the Office Desk

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Chair mats are designed to protect expensive flooring from damage caused by rolling office chairs, but their unique properties allow them to be put to use in unusual and unexpected ways. customers have reported all sorts of creative applications for their high quality chair mats.

Today’s blog shares the four best chair mat ideas.

Chair Mat for carpet flooring

Baby High Chairs – Protecting floors from food and drink spillages

Families with young children and babies know that dinner with their children can lead to as much food on the floor as on the dinner table, and getting spills out of the carpeting can be a difficult chore. Simplify cleanup after dinner by putting chair mats under children’s chairs during the meal to catch spilled (or, in the case of particularly rebellious youths, thrown) food. Wiping spilled food off of the chair mat will take a fraction of the time needed to clean carpeting.

Car interior and boot protection

Car interiors take a lot of abuse from spills, muddy shoes, and dirty clothing, and can be extremely difficult to clean because most car upholstery cannot be removed from the car. Keeping a chair mat in a vehicle’s boot (or just bringing the mat along when a mess seems to be likely to appear) can help to avoid staining and damage to the vehicle’s cloth or leather interior.

For instance, football players of every age will finish training with muddied boots. Placing a chair mat beneath their feet, or removing their boots and placing them on top of a chair mat in the car’s boot, will prevent staining. Any mud can easily be cleaned off of the smooth mat with no more than a sponge or a wet towel – a far simpler task than trying to clean the car’s interior. The same method might be put to use after a day of hiking or a trip to the park with the children.

Gym Equipment

Heavy gym equipment like weightlifting benches or treadmills can leave ugly scratching on hard floors and rip up carpeting. Placing a chair mat below equipment before exercising can nullify these negative effects. Chair mats absorb vibrations and prevent sharp edges from contacting flooring, acting to protect the flooring and to absorb excessive noise created by exercise equipment.

Pet Mats

Family pets like cats and dogs can be messy eaters. Pet food, especially wet foods like canned cat food, can leave unsightly stains and unpleasant odors if spilled onto carpeting. Try placing a chair mat under pets’ food dishes and water bowls to prevent spills onto the floor. A cat’s litter box could also be placed on top of a chair mat to ease cleaning. Rather than trying to remove messes from carpeting with expensive, unpleasant cleaning products, a pet or dog mat can easily be cleaned with nothing more than soap and water.

There’s no end to the potential uses of chair mats. The chair mat is waterproof, transparent, easy to transport, and easy to clean, allowing it to function in the most unexpected situations, stopping stains and saving time.

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