A playroom with a colourful floor mat

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Kids are hard on a playroom. A brightly coloured and decorative floor mat is just the answer to the rough use that kids give any floor. Boring old grown-ups will throw a rug on the floor just to cover up stained carpet or discoloured tile. Kids will turn those colours and patterns into an adventure without blinking. Snack time cleans up easily and quickly when the whole floor can be thrown into the wash and tumbled dry. Reasonable costs and a variety of sizes means every playroom and living area should have one or two dedicated designer floor mats.

Cover Up Those Spills and Stains

A durable floor mat can be placed over the center of the playroom floor to provide a short term solution to worn and stained carpeting, discoloured tiling, and other minor floor damage. The rubber backing adheres to any carpeting or hard floor surface, providing a non-slip grip for the mat. Many floor mats are large, easily taking up huge amounts of space in a small room; the bright colours and eye catching patterns of a playroom floor mat can really re-energize a well worn space. The affordable cost of a durable and long lasting floor mat pales compared to the expense of renovating an entire floor just to eliminate a small area of stain.

An Adventure in Colour

Kids turn patterns and colours into games at every chance. Given the opportunity, a playroom floor can be turned into a jungle safari, adventure in the old country, or a massive board for games whose rules are made up on the spot. With the huge variety of floor mats in every colour and pattern, mats can even be rotated out of the playroom on a regular basis. A new adventure every week gives kids something to look forward to when its time to deep clean the playroom and rotate the floor mat.

An inexpensive investment in two or three designs pays dividends in play time.

Wash and Walk Snack Attack

Indoor floor mats provide just that extra layer of defense between the playroom carpet and that glass of apple juice. Mats are designed to absorb moisture and dirt and keep it from tracking into rooms and halls. This works both ways where snack time is involved, keeping crumbs, spills, and food fights localized to the easily cleaned floor mat.

After a particularly messy meal, the mat can be thrown into the wash for a quick and thorough cleaning while an alternate floor mat takes its place. Even more important, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that kids are playing in a clean area is well worth the reasonable cost of a colourful designer floor mat.

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