Use & Wash Mats: Fashionable Yet Functional by Design

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Homeowners and renters alike are constantly in search of quality design solutions that protect their flooring from the perils of high foot traffic, accidental spills and pets.  Far too often, inferior quality rugs available at affordable prices are put to use and neither offer the quality nor the durability expected by the purchaser.

So what do we think customers are looking for?  We believe that consumers want bright, bold and beautiful rugs offered in fun patterns and designs to complement their home design, styles and taste.  However, as necessary as the colours, designs and patterns are to the mats, ease of ownership, durability, quality and longevity are equally as important.

Enter our Use & Wash series rugs.  Designed for use in high traffic areas including doorways, hallways and in front of the kitchen sink, there is nowhere these fun, beautiful and versatile rugs can’t go!  Best of all?  As the series name implies, they are fully washable.  We have selected a line that are fashionable yet functional and can withstand both traffic and repeated washings keeping them in the same condition as the day purchased.

Whether decorating a hallway, outdoor deck surface or the family playroom, check out our ever expanding inventory of Use & Wash mats and runners.  These beautifully designed rugs combine with a practical nature to make the perfect design solution for any home or office.  Our Use & Wash Mats are fashionable yet functional by design.

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