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Our resident rug, Mat, provides some insight to customers on questions received during the past week.

Dear Mat,

We are in the midst of household renovations and looking to finish the project with some minor redecorating.  One of our primary themes throughout the project has been environmental awareness.  Could you offer any suggestions for floor matting solutions that would help us achieve our goals?


M. Smith, London

Dear M. Smith,

Thanks so much for the question.  Yes, great news, plenty of matting solutions are available that fit your requirements.   As you didn’t mention where the intended use was, let’s discuss available materials, where I think it best works and what we have in inventory to meet your needs.

Two of the top fibres used in environmentally friendly rugs are sisal and coir.  Sisal is an agave that yields a stiff fibre upon harvest and coir, a coconut by-product.  What makes sisal such a great material is the farming process.  No chemical fertilisers are utilised in production and most weeding is done by hand, eliminating the need for harsh pesticides.  As only a small amount of the plant is used, there are attempts underway to use more of the plant for economic needs.  Tanzania currently has plans to use the agave waste as a form of bio fuel.

Coir is an equally impressive environmentally-friendly material.  Harvested from the coconut, coir fibres comprise approximately a third of coconut pulp.  The balance of the pulp, commonly referred to as the pith is a biodegradable material which has gone from waste material status to being used in a host of gardening environments including mulch and hydroponic gardens.

So where do I think these mats best fit into a residential environment?  Indoors and outdoors of course!  Not only are the fibres environmentally friendly from a construction standpoint, they also stand up extremely well against the elements and high levels of foot traffic!  Cleaning is as easy as vacuuming or a simple rug beating.

What do we offer from a product standpoint?  We have a large selection of standard and customised floor mat solutions available.  In sisal, we offer mats, runners and stair treads in a wide variety of sizes, colours and custom cuts.  In coir, we offer designer entry mats along with custom cut offerings.  All items in inventory meet your criteria of being environmentally friendly.

Good luck with the renovations and the redecorating process!


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  1. Jill says:

    Thanks for this informative post. We are in the midst of renovating and really like the idea of incorporating sisal (which we had never heard of) into our decorating efforts.

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