Yoga is Here, There and Everywhere – So Too is Your Mat

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With the increased popularity and prevalence of yoga at the studio, in the home or even in fun outdoor spots like the park, your yoga mat is accompanying you everywhere.  Hopefully, you are diligent about cleaning your mat.  On the chance you typically workout and swap your mat for a cold bottle of water before moving on to your next activity, we thought it might be helpful to offer some yoga mat cleaning tips.

As hard as you have worked to master the tenets of breathing, stretches and poses associated with yoga, your mat has been there for every moment of the experience.  Whether in the studio or outside under the sky, your mat has partnered with every barefooted moment of peaceful tranquility.  Unfortunately, along with the relaxation yoga brings comes the potential for infection, general dirtiness and fungal growth if your mat does not receive proper care.

So what do we recommend?  Any of the following will do:

  • Machine wash your mat:
    • Yes, it is safe – just make sure you remove your rug before the spin cycle.
    • A gentle detergent such as Woolite can be used
    • Use cold water.  It can even go in the dryer – however, we advocate air drying whenever possible.
  • Use a spray bottle and cleaning solution to rinse your mat:
    • Yoga mat cleaning solutions are commercially available
    • Alternatively, try any of the following homemade mixtures:
      • Detergent and water
        • Good for general cleaning.
      • Vinegar and water
        • Great for disinfecting and cleaning
      • Homemade solutions can be created from distilled water infused with a mixture of lavender, tea tree and peppermint oils
    • Allow the mat to rest flat and air dry
  • Submerging your mat:
    • Fill a bathtub with enough water to submerge the mat
    • Add in a gentle detergent and allow the mat to soak
    • Remove the mat, roll together with a large towel, extracting as much water as possible.
    • Unroll the mat and allow to air dry

Take care to thoroughly remove your cleaner of choice.  Else your sticky mat will become a slippery mat!

Please pay close attention to properly drying your mat.  Unfortunately, left damp or wet, your coveted mat can become a breeding ground for mold.  Once properly cleaned, it would be good practice to try to wipe the mat down after every use.  Follow these tips and you should be looking at a nice long life for your prized yoga mat.

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3 Responses to “Yoga is Here, There and Everywhere – So Too is Your Mat”

  1. Abby says:

    I’m as guilty as the next for not cleaning my yoga mat as often as I should. Thanks for providing the helpful cleaning tips so I can keep my mat in good working order.

  2. Mary says:

    Wow — I had no idea. Based on this info, it sounds like I’ve been silly putting of my mat’s care, given how easy it should be.

  3. Bill says:

    The bathtub suggestion is one of the best ways to go! I’ve used it for years!

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