Commercial Mats: To Rent or to Own?

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As retail, commercial and industrial businesses and company owners wrestle with the escalating cost of doing business, analysing recurring expenses should be a frequent exercise.  One area that may garner close inspection is the use of floor matting rentals.  By reviewing the costs, issues and benefits associated with rentals versus the cost and value of ownership, facility managers should be able to determine the optimal matting solution for their buildings.

At first, floor mat rentals likely appear to be the perfect solution.  Maintenance is typically included and rugs will be conveniently replaced when worn or soiled.  However, the very mats that serve as replacements are an inferior quality, likely overused and often lack the new appearance and condition expected. Additionally, offerings typically come in standard sizes leaving expensive flooring unprotected against foot traffic and colour choices may be limited.  On closer review, property managers often find the cost of rentals to be approximately 4-5x the cost of a comparable purchase.

In stark contrast, purchases offer a multitude of benefits over rentals.  Custom sized mats can be purchased to cover the desired floor space.  All mats require cleaning when dirty and the ability to address dirt, moisture and spills within a shorter time frame helps mats retain their allure.  The same maintenance staff responsible for cleaning a building or warehouse will quickly and efficiently be able to attend to the chosen floor mat solutions.  When purchasing floor mats, there will be no long term contracts and business owners are free to redecorate as they see fit.  With typical savings of 4-5x the cost of a comparable rental programme, purchasing agents would be wise to consider purchasing their floor mats outright.

Renting versus buying remains a matter of economic choice.  However, with careful research, attention to detail and a working knowledge of business need, cost savings can abound.  We offer a number of custom commercial matting solutions for purchase, available in stock and custom sizes available here:

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