Custom Logo Mats

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One of the best ways to achieve brand recognition is to get your business logo in as many visible locations as possible.  For many, the standard route for visibility includes advertising, stationary, corporate gifts and on standard signage.  However, an often overlooked and creative solution is the use of customised floor mats.

In addition to promoting a company’s brand, logo mats offer the added advantage of floor protection against dirt, foot traffic and moisture.  Think these fun and exciting mats are limited to business and company use?  Think again!  Mats can be customised and created for home use or one off corporate events.

We are able to work with logo and picture files or simply text to produce the desired mat.  With no limitations on colour, our mats feature the highest grade pile material created of 100% nylon polymide backed by a nitrile rubber.  Better still, the mats are fully washable and the colourfastness is guaranteed for two years or 100 washes.

When looking for your next fun or unique branding solution, consider custom floor mats.  Your floors and customers will thank you while you watch your brand recognition and popularity grow.

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