Underlying Thoughts: Sleek Modern Decorating Tips

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“Underlying Thoughts” — Our resident rug, Mat, provides some insight to customers on questions received during the past week.

Dear Mat,

Last week we saw you had some design tips for a family renovating their home.  We’d like to see if, in your travels, you’ve encountered any notable concept designs that may be suitable for a sleek ultra modern space.

All the Best!

R. Jones, St Brelade

Dear R. Jones,

As always, thank you for the question!

In response to your question, yes, in the past few weeks I’ve come across a few notable flooring solutions.  Some struck my intrigue and others were downright fascinating and noteworthy.  As the auto industry has their annual shows featuring concept cars, the flooring industry has their own set of concept designs.  As always, I welcome any suggestions, comments or findings from other readers that can be shared.

Being in the floor matting industry, I found this to be the most ingenious finding to date.  Imagine a living bathmat that requires no maintenance to survive!  The Telegraph featured an article on Swiss designer Nguyen La Chanh’s moss bathmat prototype.

Image Credit: La Chanh Nguyen


Bamboo mats are excellent environmentally friendly products to consider for kitchens and bathrooms.

This UK produced vintage belt floor mat, designed and produced by Inghua Ting, certainly fits the bill.


If you are trying to decorate a smaller space, consider introducing the use of stripes.  A recent blog post on interior design blog, Terrys Fabrics, discusses the use of stripes and floor matting to achieve perceived space. http://blog.terrysfabrics.co.uk/2010/09/08/design-of-the-day-3-young-and-free/

While not conventional floor matting, reclaimed products are becoming popular flooring solutions.  While oak flooring seems to be most popular, utilising old scotch whisky barrels and wine barrels is increasing in popularity.   We have a series of floor matting solutions that would afford excellent protection to these one of a kind floors.  http://www.ecostreet.com/blog/eco-friendly-house/2010/06/29/mckay-reclaimed-whisky-barrel-flooring/

A wealth of fun, affordable and creative floor matting solutions are available to consumers willing to invest some time in research.  Whether decorating a sleek modern space or a spacious country retreat, invest some time in your flooring options.  You’ll be glad you did!

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