Out Out Darn Spot

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After selecting and purchasing your floor mats, rug runners or stair treads, knowing how to maintain them should be a top priority.  With proper attention, maintenance and preventative care the lifetime of your floor mats and stair treads will be markedly extended.  The very items that mats work so hard to repel including dirt, dust and moisture, cause the very grime that requires maintenance.  Care should always be given to follow manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions.  Additionally, before proceeding with cleaning solutions, take the time to test a small inconspicuous location before commencing with full cleaning, on the chance the cleaner interferes with the colourfastness of the mat.

A regular course of maintenance that includes hand shaking, vacuuming or stick beatings are considered the best way to preserve the colour, fibre composition and overall well-being of your recent purchase.  Eliminating the dirt, which acts as an abrasion towards pile and fibres, is imperative to maintaining the brand new condition of floor mats and runners.

For more stubborn spots, consider some of the following helpful hints:

Stain resistant floor mats often afford a few minutes to clean up a spill before the matting absorbs the liquid.  Wool fibres have a tendency to shed liquids, so quick action can help allow for a simple clean-up.  In all instances, use a plain coloured paper towel with a patting or blotting motion to clean spills, as opposed to a scrubbing or rubbing motion, is the optimal way to clean up liquids.

For more stubborn spills, attempt to remove the debris or spilled item prior to blotting.  Cleansing solutions can also be applied to guard against the stain setting in.

A mixture of 1 teaspoon mild dishwashing detergent and 1 teaspoon white vinegar mixed with a warm quart of water can be used on most household stains.

Sisal and coir mats can be cleaned with most common household remedies.  Take care to ensure the rugs are dried quickly to avoid prolonged moisture exposure.

For synthetic rugs, consider an oxy cleaner which is commercially available.  Take caution and do not apply these to silk or wool floor mats.  Additionally, vacuuming prior to applying cleaning solutions can facilitate removing dirt and debris.

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