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“Underlying Thoughts” — Our resident rug, Mat, provides some insight to customers on questions received during the past week.

Dear Mat,

With London fashion week underway, it has been said that there are often correlations between runway styles and interior design.  Have you seen any projected outlooks for floor mat design trends for the upcoming year?

Joseph, Notting Hill


As always, thanks for the question!  I’m actually going to table your specific question until next week as I first want to look at proposed 2010 trends as the year starts to wind down.

Typically, interior design trends seem to lag one year behind fashion with regards to colours.  As such, the thought for this year was lots of neutral, natural and muted tones.  The “Trend Watch” section of Channel4.com offered some natural decorating predictions in their Interior Trends for 2010 feature along with retro and bright colourful designs.  Geometric shapes and patterns are certainly in vogue and remain alive and well in the design world.  James Rockford mirrors many of the Channel4.com thoughts in his blog post from April 24th.

Going green seems to be more than a trend and a lifestyle change that many people have chosen to embrace.  From a material and sustainability standpoint, going green is everywhere and appears to be here to stay.  Trends also appear to be global in nature as UK and US bloggers, columnists and professionals appear to be in agreement.

In late December of 2009, Anh-Minh Le published an article in the SF Chronicle Home & Garden section that offered the suggestion of layered rugs:  “3. Layered flooring According to Marilyn Incerty, trend director for Cost Plus World Market, layering floor coverings adds richness and warmth. She suggested “overlapping several smaller, lightweight rugs with patterns and colors that are complementary – a striped runner on top of a larger geometric rug – or overlapping multiples of the same rug in a variety of colors.” Those with wall-to-wall carpeting can still get in on this trend. Place “a rug over existing carpet for an instant splash of color or pattern,” said Incerty. “This is a great trick for avoiding the hassle and expense of ripping out existing carpeting when you want an update.””

Favourite colours seem to include grey and green for all elements of design.  Blogger Katrina references texture in her prophecies for the year.

We are pleased to offer our customers a full line of floor mat products that support all of these trends and many more.  From texture, to bright colours and always affordable styles, we have something for everyone.  Next week, we’ll take a look at preliminary trend projections for 2011.  Until then – Enjoy!


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