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Smart and savvy homeowners recognise their flooring as one of the biggest expenditures in finishing and maintaining their residence.  Searching for ways to protect and maintain this valuable investment should be a top priority.  No matter the surface, regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep your flooring in top condition.  Easy care steps and decorating tips will help maintain the longevity of home floors while identifying small problems before they require costly repairs.

Widely regarded as the gold standard of flooring, hardwood offers an aesthetic appeal and durability.  Unfortunately, moisture can wreck havoc on hardwood while high foot traffic will leave well worn paths and scratches. Consider the use of rug runners, chair mats, stair treads and entryway mats to protect your floors.

For cleaning and maintenance, manufacturer’s recommended guidelines are the best way to protect your investment.  The following tips will help maintain showroom quality floors no matter the surface.

Prevent scratches:  Heavy furniture should never be dragged across hardwood floors.  When major lifting is not possible, consider using drink coasters or felt fabric squares attached to the furniture legs to prevent scratches while in transit.  Whenever possible, avoid wearing high heeled shoes on hardwood floors as they frequently lead to slight indentations and more unwanted scratches.  Home offices and work spaces often have high levels of chair traffic.  The use of a quality chair mat can protect your floors and electronic equipment.

Limit moisture exposure and debris:  Regular exposure to moisture and high levels of foot traffic will wear floors quickly.  Entryway mats, rug runners and stair treads are all excellent sources of protection against moisture and debris while affording safety to guests and residents alike.  Design solutions including decorative and fun floor matting offerings, such as entryway mats or the stair treads offer the best form of protection to your valued floors.

Avoid sunlight:  Prolonged sun exposure often results in unwanted surface fading.  The installation of window drapes and shades in areas awash in natural light is the easiest way to address this problem.

All flooring surfaces benefit from proper care and protection.  We offer a vast array of products designed to help protect one of your home’s most valuable assets.

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