Guest Blog Post: Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends

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Today’s post on interior design trends comes to us from the experts at Terry’s Fabrics.

Adopt one of these autumn/winter interior design trends to inject bright colours into your home. Although all white rooms remain popular many interior designers are using pops of bright colours to bring tired looking décor up-to-date without the need for total room makeovers.

The trend of having stripped floorboards or laminate flooring continues to be the main stay of many homes as they are easy to maintain, practical and durable. However, the need for colour and comfort  underfoot as the colder days arrive is seeing an influx of gorgeous floor rugs being added to the interior design mix.

Using rugs and mats is not just a matter of buying the first you see and laying it down anywhere – if you’re to achieve a stylish look you’ll need to ensure that the colour and pattern of a rug or mat blends with your décor and interior design style.

One of the easiest ways to achieve the look is to coordinate either the colour or the pattern and in some cases both, to what you already have in the room. For example teaming the colour of a rug to your curtains or blinds is a great way to bring a look of sophisticated cohesion to a room. You could also include cushions and throws to tie the room together for a contemporary look. Try a black and neon pink rug which teams with hot pink curtains and give a room the uplift which takes it from ‘okay’ and gives it the ‘wow’ factor we all strive for!

The great advantage to rugs is that they can be used in every room in a home – from the entrance hall to the bedrooms. Not only will they infuse a new dimension into a room they’re also a great way to save on fuel bills as they automatically add warmth to a room. It may be psychological but it works! Try adding a rug to your lounge as a practical focal point with a bright bold pattern or use plain designer rugs in bedrooms to give softness underfoot as you step out of bed!

You’ll also need to consider the size and shape of rugs – too large and they’ll can over power a room to small and the room will look disjointed. Circular dining room rugs are ideal if you have a circular table, square or rectangular are perfect for the same shaped dining tables.

Adding new rugs and curtains to your home is the ideal and most cost effective way to breathe new life into a tired looking room.

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    “ensure that the colour and pattern of a rug or mat blends with your décor and interior design style.”
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