Home Improvements: Garage Floor Mats

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Many homeowners struggle with the best ways to maintain their garage flooring.  With damaged and cracked concrete, along with routine exposure to oil and other auto related fluids, repairs can be costly and a challenge to properly address.  Maintenance typically presents an ongoing struggle given the variety of substances coming in direct contact with the surface.  Left untreated, oil will leave unsightly stains, angerous slicks and lingering industrial odours.

While filling pesky cracks may seem the best approach, further foundation settling or drastic temperature swings can lead to continued cracking and further damage negating prior repairs.  An investment in a quality garage floor mat can protect your underlying flooring while providing a suitable surface cover.  Easily installed, these mats will offer a new appearance, easy clean-up of spills, some limited dirt trapping abilities and a coveted non-slip surface lending safety to interior entryways.

Rubber mats are also effective in climate control.  In the colder winter months mats will shield against cold energy-inefficient concrete slab flooring.  The cover also repels moisture build-up given its thermal isolation properties whereby avoiding humidity in the garage.  With mold-resistant properties, protective floor matting solutions can combat against this deadly and undesirable moisture-prone growth.

Typically, rolled rubber matting is considered the easiest installation option.  However, interlocking mats are popular with many customers as well.  With a wide array of customised and stock shelved rubber matting options in inventory, we offer plenty of protective garage flooring solutions.   An investment in a garage floor cover is an investment in the overall well-being of your home.

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