Entryway Mats: Some Thoughts on Longevity

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Many homeowners would agree the challenge of selecting the perfect lasting door mat for your home or business can be quite a nuisance.  Oftentimes, with a year’s worth of exposure to the elements and heavy foot traffic, most mats appear worn, frayed and tired destined for the garbage.  However, these mats are important to protecting your interior floors and coverings.  For high traffic doorways, consider purchasing a mat slightly wider than the doorway – this will increase the appeal and size appearance of your entrance.  As an added side benefit, guests to your home or establishment will have an increased area to wipe their shoes.

Carefully selecting an appropriate entryway mat should stave off an early retirement for your door mat.  Polypropylene (PP) mats typically offer the best return on investment compared to a natural fibre mat (i.e. sisal or coir). PP works tirelessly to repel moisture and dirt and is remarkably weather resistant.  The tightly woven fibres are extremely effective in collecting debris, pollen and allergens from shoes and pet paws.  Natural fibre mats tend to be better suited to dry environments.

Cleaning polypropylene mats is easily accomplished with a machine wash or a simple hose and air dry routine.  In all instances, follow manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for care.  With a small amount of attention along with a properly selected rug, homeowners can expect years of service from their chosen mat(s).

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