5 Reasons to Invest in a Quality Chair Mat

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When outfitting an office, most people invest a large amount of time and money in furniture and technology.  Great idea!  In order to work well, one should be comfortable and have ample space for work, storage and organisation.  Technology is necessary to survive in today’s fast paced world.  However, overlooking one simple, relatively inexpensive item may have long-term implications on the overall success of the office environment.  Enter the ever important chair mat.  Below follow the five reasons we believe you should make an investment in this quality product.

1.      Flooring and coverings are an expensive investment.  Routine chair castor contact and high foot traffic can quickly lead to wear and tear, no matter the underlying surface.

2.      Expensive technology can fall prey to static electricity.  A high-quality chair mat can ward off this silent danger.

3.      Chair mats are available for both hardwood and carpeted surfaces.  Yes, there is a difference in the mat used on both.  Hard floor mats for use on hardwood, tile, laminates and other similar flooring surfaces feature non-skid backings.  Mats designed for carpeted surfaces have gripper backings that will adhere to but not damage underlying pile.

4.      With a translucent design, the beauty of your soon-to-be covered floors is not lost.  Instead, you are able to expose the beauty of underlying surfaces while protecting your investment.  If you are trying to hide unsightly flooring, black and smoke coloured mats are available.

5.      Regular use of an office space will lead to increased incidents of spills and debris.  A quality chair mat will help prevent ensuing damage from these accidental mishaps.

If maintaining your office is of the utmost importance, a chair mat will help achieve your goals in an unobtrusive and inexpensive manner.  We offer chair mats in a range of stocked shapes and sizes with custom cuts available.

What has been the most important addition to your office and why?

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