Stair Treads: Adding Beauty and Improving Safety One Step at a Time

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With stair treads a relatively new design solution in the UK, many consumers may question the need or use for these coverings.  A comprehensive review of the product and its benefits will hopefully shed some light on the beneficial nature of this quasi-nouveau offering.

What are Stair Treads?

Stair treads are small stair-sized rugs attached to each step. With only a portion of the stair covered, the beauty of underlying hardwood floors will be exposed alongside these colourful or conservative (depending on your design style) treads.  Designed to add beauty while offering improved traction, treads come in a wide variety of styles and price points. Some of the most popular models include carpet treads which reduce noise, rubber treads which offer traction and aluminium treads designed to offer a sleek modern appearance to your stairs. With offerings for indoor and outdoor staircases, all are the perfect compromise between full carpeting and hardwood.

Why Use Stair Treads?

With most homes falling into the multi-level category, stairs are commonplace in most residences.  Unfortunately, along with this architectural staple come the hazards of falls, slips and mishaps.  As a homeowner, every precaution to ward off falls should be made.  Bare flooring and worn carpeting are notorious catalysts for slips and falls; while outdoor stairs have their own set of challenges with moisture accumulation and harsh weather conditions.  A properly installed set of stair tread can offer the safety and security homeowners need to protect family and friends.

Product Availability

Homeowners and landlords will be happy to find that an extensive offering of stair treads are available for purchase.  With relatively simple installation, a staircase can be rendered markedly safer in short order.  The vast array of product offerings and subsequent selection will be the biggest challenge in proceeding with a quick staircase makeover.  For the discerning designer concerned with tying in surrounding design elements, coordinating and complimenting rug runners are available for many of the stair tread offerings.

Stair treads may be a relative new design offering to UK residents, however, this functional product offering has been a staple in the design industry worldwide for some time.  Area residents and design professionals would be wise to consider the safety and aesthetic benefits offered by this unique product offering.

We ask, will you be joining the ranks of customers embracing this design solution?

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