Underlying Thoughts: Stair Tread Gift Ideas

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Following up on our recent post of holiday gift giving ideas, we thought we would highlight each of the offerings outlined over the course of the next few days.  Today we will discuss stair treads, the overall trend and some of our product offerings.

Stair treads are a new design element being offered in the UK.  Our extensive product line offers something for every taste, style and budget.  Homeowners frequently praise the easy nature of protecting their underlying floors while adding a stylish element of design to their new homes.  For those unfamiliar with the product offering, stair treads are often used in lieu of full carpeting or leaving a hardwood staircase exposed.  Stair treads are also effective at minimising slips and falls by providing traction to the stair surfaces.  Should you want to further expand on this gift idea, many of the stair treads can be paired with coordinating rug runners.

If you have friends or family members who have recently purchased or moved into a new home, this can make a great unique gift idea.  Some points to consider prior to purchase:

Are you looking for indoor treads or outdoor treads? 

Do you know the colour scheme you are trying to decorate in to?  If you are unsure, ask for pictures of the new residence or see if some online real estate listing images are still available.  Additionally, knowing the number of stairs requiring covering and sizes will be helpful prior to purchase.  If you are unable to ascertain this information yourself, consider enlisting a friend or family member to help obtain the necessary information.  We mention this as we have a special line of treads for small stairs.

Take into consideration the décor preferences of the gift recipient – if they tend to have a modern design edge to their residence, consider a sleek offering such as an aluminium set of stair treads.  For the more country estate type residence, a statelier pattern may be in order. 

Our indoor stair tread sets start with pricing as low as £9.99 and our outdoor stair treads at £12.99.  We are confident you will find the perfect colour, style or pattern based on your gift recipient’s individual tastes and needs.

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