Stairway Round Up – Part 2

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Part 2 of this Series provides a round up of interesting stairway articles and blog posts. Stairway Round Up – Part 1 is available here.

Blogs and blog posts that covers interesting stairway information:

Blog 4 Stairs – This site has a wide variety of different news, architecture, interesting stairways, and artistic objects related to stairs. An excellent resource for all things stair related!

Stair Porn – Kind of a stairway art picture post site. Tons of really cool stairways from all around the world. You’ll be really surprised on how creative a lot of people can be.

Designer’s Lodge – This picture post shows a lot of creative stairway designs to give you a bit of inspiration. Imagine combining your stairway with a book shelf or having see through glass stairs!

Busyboo – For people with smaller areas to put a staircase in, here are some excellent ideas to make use of the amount of space that you have.

TechEBlog – Do you like wine? How about having a staircase leading down to your own wine cellar. Well, look at this design for a really cool way to do this.

Stairway Articles: – Every set of stairs needs banisters and a handrail. Not only is it for safety, but it adds style as well. This article explains how to make a statement with your banisters. – This is a very detailed explanation of how to install stair treads and railings. Includes tons of pictures to help you along with the project. – Planning some outdoor stairs for a deck or patio? This article takes you through the entire process! Starts with explaining the tools you need and takes you on from there. – Excellent little mini site that includes some stair building videos from youtube and gives you a number of other links related to the stair building process. – Helpful how to in stair construction. Includes some wonderful illustrations and links to help you along.

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