Underlying Thoughts: Avid Exerciser Gift Ideas

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Following up on our recent post of holiday gift giving ideas, we thought we would highlight each of the offerings outlined over the course of the next few days.  Today we will discuss unique gift ideas for your favourite fitness fanatic.  With the holidays being a popular time to indulge in treats and partake in festive holiday gatherings, this gift idea may also be a good reward for yourself as you tackle holiday shopping.  Remember, everyone benefits from exercise, no matter their age or fitness level.

Many dedicated workout fanatics have opted to maintain a home gym to encourage exercise in their daily lives.  For these individuals, a protective gym equipment mat would certainly be a unique gift idea.   While not the most glamourous of gifts, offering protection for the machines and underlying floors shows you care about your recipient’s property and equipment investments.

If you are looking for a more mainstream gift idea, suitable for a prospective or skilled exerciser, consider one of our fashionable exercise mats.  Available in a nice selection of colours, we think there is something for everyone.  Light and portable, these mats will see use in the studio or anywhere else suitable for a brief and relaxing workout.  Should you be looking for a bigger gift idea, consider a themed gift including the mat, paired up with an instructional DVD or gift certificate for class at an area studio.  Additionally, if you want to add a personal element to the gift, consider mixing up and bottling a homemade cleaning solution to include with the mat.  We will offer some suggested recipes in the next few days.  A post featuring cleaning hints can be found here.

Our gym mats are attractively priced starting at £14.99.  With a bit of creativity you can create a gift uniquely suited to the enthused exerciser or future yogi on your gift list.

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