It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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So says the weather and the famed American Christmas carol.  With snow blanketing the area, wreaking havoc on the travel industry and three short weeks until the holiday, we thought we would revisit the topic of outdoor stair treads and their underlying importance along with dirt trapper mats which can easily do double duty by offering anti-slip surfaces.

Snow and ice, while beautiful to observe from afar, are a perilous danger for home and business owners.  Falls can lead to personal injury and expensive incurred medical costs.  For home owners, installing outdoor safety stair treads is an excellent way to protect loved ones and guests at your residence.  For business owners, a similar installation should be completed to protect customers, vendors and employees.  Nothing can spell problems for your company than a preventable fall.  Once the weather clears, consider installing a set of safety treads and checking all railings are secure.  If this early snowstorm is any indication of weather to come, it may be a long cold winter.

Dirt trapper mats are an important investment for property owners.  While many would argue the dangers of falls are outside where ice and snow will obviously cause problems, this is hardly the truth.  A soggy entryway mat may be unable to absorb moisture sending foot traffic into your home or business loaded with ice, debris and moisture.  To prevent accidental slips and falls, a long runner or dirt trapper mat, backed by rubber and adept at absorbing moisture, should be strategically placed in close proximity to the doorway.

Accidental slips and falls are an unfortunate part of the winter months.  As a home or business owner you have a responsibility to your friends, family and associates to protect their well-being.  Consider our vast inventory of outdoor safety stair treads and dirt trapper mats to protect your guests.  In the interim, good luck weathering the storm and enjoy the snow.

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