Product Focus: Inviting Entryways

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December commonly sees many residences welcome family, friends and invited guests as occupants celebrate the upcoming holidays.  This week, we would like to draw your attention to our extensive collection of entrance mats.  Whether you need a simple dirt trapper mat, a stylish door mat, a designer mat or a natural coir mat, we have something for every taste and budget.  All of the mats offer protection for both foot traffic and underlying floors.

If you are looking to minimise dirt and moisture coming into the house, a dirt trapper mat should be added to the entryway.  Backed in rubber and machine washable, these mats are available in solid and dual-toned colours.  The simple addition of a mat to an entryway softens the appearance of the threshold and adds a comforting and welcoming feel to the doorway.

For many homeowners, style is the most important element of the home or residence.  With some sleek offerings including the artic scraper mat or the coir safari door mat, you will find an exciting array of offerings to grace your home’s entrances.

Welcome your guests, literally.  Nothing says welcome like a true welcome mat.  Available in colours including burgundy, grey, black and red; these mats will pop and be quite the conversational piece as you entertain this holiday season.

Rustic, natural looking doorway mats are a key element in constructing inviting entryways.  Coir, an environmentally-friendly material, makes a suitable matting material.  Coupled with planters of hearty flowers and wreaths of seasonal elements, coir mats offer a simple, stunning and elegant look. 

The extensive collection of floor mats in inventory start at prices as low as £9.95.  Shoppers and decorators alike will find a dazzling array of opportunities awaiting your creative vision for planning out your own inviting entrance.

Have you created your own special entryway with one of our mats or do you have a decorating tip you would like to share with others?  Please feel free to post your tips for fellow readers.

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