Product Focus: Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Employers are constantly in search of ways to enhance the workplace for their employees.  As study after study documents, happy and healthy workers typically demonstrate increased productivity coupled with reduced illness and injury.  As employers prepare to start the new year, we encourage you to consider an investment in your workers’ well-being.   This week’s product focus is on our broad inventory of anti-fatigue mats and related products.

Routinely designed for use in business and industrial settings, these mats are available in stocked sizes and as custom cuts.  These protective floor coverings are effective at combating tiredness and other medical problems associated with standing on hard surfaces for prolonged periods of time.  Anti-fatigue matting is also an excellent choice in protecting against falls, slips and other accidents. As an added benefit, anti-fatigue mats offer insulation from cold floors facilitating with climate control.

Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mat Technology?

Fatigue and muscle ache can be major problems encountered by workers who stand for prolonged periods. With diminished blood flow, pooling is common the legs leading to fatigue and edema. Anti-fatigue and workplace mats are designed to encourage small leg movements, causing a seemingly invisible sway promoting increased circulation.  Increased blood flow is the best defence in combating fatigue. Medical reports indicate that anti-fatigue mats have been effective in protecting against serious foot and lower back conditions.

Our anti-fatigue mats are easily installed and durable ultimately saving money over time. In use, studies show improved workplace health and safety along with increase productivity. By reducing accidents and limiting time lost to fatigue, these mats are certainly a worthwhile investment.

Anti-fatigue mats need not be limited to industrial work settings.  Homeowners are quickly embracing the technology in areas that see prolonged standing including kitchen and food preparation areas.

Our anti-fatigue mat inventory starts with prices as low as £29.95; a small price to pay for increased productivity, workplace safety and overall employee comfort.

Have you created found a unique use for anti-fatigue matting or seen an increase in workplace productivity?  We would love to hear your success stories.

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