Out with the Old and In with the New

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Out with the old and in with the new; so goes the old adage.  Last week, Pantone, the worldwide authority on colour announced their pick for the 2011 Colour of the Year.  Known to industry insiders as PANTONE 18-2120, the general public will recognise the code by its more common name, Honeysuckle.

A lovely shade of pink with a dashing infusion of red is one of the best ways to describe Honeysuckle.  Pantone opts for a collection of descriptive adjectives in their press release on the subject.  In the weeks and months to come designers, manufacturers and industry professionals will be scrambling to incorporate the newest hot colour into their offerings.

Along with the announcement comes the realisation that the time has come to bid PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise, also known as the 2010 Colour of the Year, a fond farewell.  It was a great year of relaxation in the company of this fantastic blue/green shade.  As with many trends, more than likely, turquoise will extend its stay on the market and in design trends and décor as old habits die hard.

So, for the trend setting professional and amateur designers in our midst, take heart, we have some great products featuring this newly crowned hue.  Honeysuckle can easily be incorporated at the threshold, in entryways or anywhere else you deem suitable placement for a great designer mat.  For those of you nostalgic for the beauty of turquoise, rest assured, we still have plenty of offerings suitable for home and vacation retreat alike.

Mats featuring honeysuckle:

Design Floor Mat Motion

Mats featuring turquoise:

Design Floor Mat Blue Water

Design Floor Mat Corsica

Better still — Mats and runners that feature both turquoise and honeysuckle:

Design Mat Colour Festival

Colourful Design Floor Mat

Dotcom Entrance Matting

Has honeysuckle become a part of your plans for 2011 decorating or redecorating initiatives?  Are you sorry to see turquoise go?  Feel free to share your thoughts with fellow readers.

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