Clean Starts

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With the arrival of the New Year, we often find shoppers in a hunt for small items that will net big returns in giving their home, flat or apartment a reinvigorated look.  The winter months can drag on for what feels like an eternity.  Here are a few products that will help add a punch of colour, prevent slipping and trap the dirt that gets tracked in during the seemingly endless winter months.

Scraper Mat Arctic:  This sleek offering will stop dirt right from the start.  The raised rubber dots provide traction and help trap offending dirt and grime.  Easily cleaned, with a quick shake or wash-off, few entry way solutions are as stylish as this mat.

Once inside, protecting underlying flooring surfaces should be a top priority.  Depending on your personal preference for a soft muted colour or dramatic elegant design, please know that it is most important to find something that fits the space at hand.

A coordinating set of rug runners and stair treads are the perfect way to protect your investment.  Consider the bright and stately Moscow Runner Mat which features a secure backing of networked grid which lends secure footing on any hard or carpeted surface.  Placed directly behind the entryway, keeping the house clean will be a breeze.  Simply run the vacuum over the rug to keep it in new condition.  If your home environment is multi-levelled, a set of coordinating stair treads can help complete the entryway setting.

For rooms that see high levels of foot traffic, consider introducing a design floor mat.  With a number of bright offerings, there is no better way to give a room a quick face lift or infuse colour without going to the trouble of painting or finding upholstered goods to fill the space.  From fun mats such as the Design Floor Mat Hearts, to the Retro Door Mat Flower-Power or the Design Floor Mat Zebra the colours and patterns are fun, adventurous and will add an element of excitement to your home design scheme.

The good news is, spring is a mere 11 weeks away.  Until then, use the time to upgrade your interior and plan for when the temperatures warm and the time comes to open the house back up to fresh air.

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