Product Focus: Scraper Mat Premium

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As we start the New Year off, we recognise that many of our customers have resolved to bring order and cleanliness into their home, office and business space.  As such, this week we would like to direct your attention to our premium scraper mat.  Few things can cause more frustration than dirty entryways.  Stopping the mess before it encroaches on your home or work environment is key to maintaining cleanliness.  Available in two sizes, protecting your space has never been so easy.


These durable mats are suitable for use inside and outside the chosen entryway.  With embedded dirt and dust control technology, the mat will make keeping your underlying and adjacent flooring surfaces free and clear of dangerous and unsightly debris.  Featuring a bristle height of approximately 1.1 centimetres, in braided polypropylene, the mat will be effective in absorbing moisture and removing unwanted dirt.


The Scraper Mat Premium is available in a stately shade of red.  Interested in blue?  Consider our Entrance Mat Premium.

Safety in Mind:

The leading edge on the mat is designed to prevent tripping.  Additionally, with a rubber backing, the mat will stay firmly anchored to underlying surfaces preventing flips and falls.

Suitable for home, store or office, our scraper mats are available with an attractive price of £19.99.  When cleanliness, safety and colour are of the utmost importance, look no further than the red Scraper Mat Premium.

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