Know the uses of paints – what no one tells you

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If colour is the aspect you like most in paints, think again! Paints have got just bigger in use. Well, we are not talking about paints and coatings used for our walls and floors. There are many other uses of it too.

Check, if you know all of these or not. Besides interior and exterior coatings of your house, paints are also used for other purposes.

Repairing materials: Paints are good anti-corrosion agents. It protects materials from further erosion or rusting. Especially designed paints can repair damaged concrete and hotels, cracks and joints, etc. It helps in resurfacing and acts as a good adhesive too. In Retail shops, paints are often used to seal joints and cracks.

Marking floor: Did you know such innovative application before?  Yes, Line marking is one job, paints can do for you. Generally, in such cases, there are different forms of Line Marking Paint used – liquid, aerosol, self-adhesive materials etc. You can also find its use in messages, symbols and number. Marking tapes are also popular choice these days.

Roofing: A specialized section that needs quality painting works. Professional paint service companies offer solutions such as roof repairs, roof coating, roof matting, anti slip to increase durability.

Preparing anti-slip agent: Anti slip products are heavily used in manufacturing plants and office-premises. Moreover, anti slip coatings provide staircase steps safety at ramps, decking etc.

Road-side traffic control: This is another common use of paints you will find. They are applied for pedestrian safety and to demark the road signals and dividers. The purpose is to protect the passers-by from unwanted road mishaps. Even paints are used to make traffic control products.

General maintenance: There are other uses of paints too. As an ideal home improvement tool, paints are applied on winter products, chemical storage, security items, smoking control symbol, handrail, etc.

Could you ever believed – your ordinary paints can be used in so many ways?

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