Product Focus: Thick Coir Doormat

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Few things are more appealing than a classic entryway mat. When that same mat is recognised as being an environmentally friendly material, it makes the piece that much more appealing. Our Thick Coir Doormat offers this perfect combination of features. Constructed of coir, a coconut byproduct, these mats are an eco-friendly design solution. The stiff fibre composition is extremely effective in removing dirt and moisture from foot traffic. The mat is backed by durable rubber, delivering a non-stick function to this outdoor cleaning tool.

<b>Easy Maintenance:</b>

Maintenance is a breeze with regular vacuuming or stick beatings to loosen accumulated dirt and debris.

<b>Colour and Specifications:</b>

The Thick Coir Doormat is offered in a natural colour. Available in a 30 mm height, we are excited to include this product in our custom-sized line-up. For the end consumer, this means the ability to purchase a mat perfectly sized to specification.

Whether destined for a home or business doorway, this mat is suitable for gracing any entryway. Few mats of this quality are available on the market for the attractive price of £49.90. When you require a combination of elegance, durability and functionality, please look no further than the Thick Coir Doormat for all your entryway needs.

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