Getting Married: Planning for Happily Ever After

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Between the constant chatter regarding the upcoming royal weddings, the popularity of spring and summer celebrations and what has often been referred to as engagement season (the period from Christmas through Valentine’s Day), we thought now to be the perfect time to discuss brining together a household and some helpful planning tips.  For engaged couples, the time leading up to the big day is busy with countless details and decisions.  No matter if your new residence will see you purchase a starter home, rent from a landlord or consolidate to addresses into one, most individuals can benefit from some handy moving tips.

Take Inventory:

For couples with two established residences, there may be quite a bit of overlap in furniture, accessories and decorations.  Take stock of the new shared space and figure out which pieces best fit into the space and style.  In some instances, incorporating all prior purchases may be feasible.  For others, space will clearly be at a premium and decisions regarding items will need to be made.  If moving to a studio, incorporating a full-sized bedroom set and dining room may be fraught with challenges.  When you have more furniture than space allows there are typically two alternatives; storage or disposal.  For others, first homes can often seem sparsely decorated.  Keep reading as we have some tips for you to fill the space.

Remember, the more you plan to keep, the more you have to move; if moving to a walk-up apartment or flat, that’s more boxes and awkward furniture pieces to carry.  Also, there is no better time in life to get a fresh start than before combining residences.

Work Together:

Deciding what should stay and what should go needs to be a collective effort.  The joining of two residences may be complicated by mismatched furniture, odds and ends and hand-me-downs but all can have potential when looked at in a new space.  While you may find your fiancé(e)’s worn and tired armchair from university to be an eyesore, there may be sentimental value.  Remember, they may have similar issues with some of your treasured possessions.  Try to plan for your future housing arrangements before the wedding planning requires most of your spare time.

Moving to a New Residence:

If a new address is in your future, plan to make repairs and complete painting before moving in, if at all possible.  If renovations and decorating need to happen after you get the keys, think about moving your prized possessions into a room to keep them safe from ongoing projects.  Decorating will be much easier with a clean room ready from the ground up.  Speaking of the ground, remember the importance of floor covers.  If your residence is purchased, your goal should be to protect your new housing investment.  For renters, you will want to leave your lease with the space in comparable condition to receive your full security deposit.  Areas to consider covering include entryways, stairs, hallways, bathrooms and even kitchens.

Decorating Tips:

If your new home will be a rental, you may be limited in your options.  However, colour can easily be infused with creativity.  Start from the ground up with brightly coloured floor mats to deliver a bit of pop to the space.  From there, incorporate elements including tabletop framed pictures, throw pillows and blankets to introduce coordinating elements of décor.  Feel free to check with your landlord to see what is allowed within the terms of your lease.

For new homeowners, you will be more in control of your decorating options.  Painting, floor mats, art and so much more should be a part of your ongoing design strategy.  Rest assured, if budgets are low post wedding that you have a lifetime to build up your space together.  Think about incorporating timeless elements, in your collective preferred styles, which will stand the test of time.  Additionally, a single focal point such as a grand clock or piece of art can be both conversational and a wonderful way to establish your personal design style.

Enjoy the time preparing for your wedding and your upcoming future together.  Setting up your first home is an exciting time for many couples.  Consolidation and organisation are key to starting any new residence off on the right foot.

Think we’ve overlooked anything?  Feel free to share your suggestions!

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