Product Focus: Stair Nosings

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Worker safety is of the utmost priority in factory and industrial settings.  Additionally, anywhere a chance misstep could occur, property owners should be attentive to increasing visibility and awareness of a potential drop.  Few accidents can be as painful and costly as a fall down stairs, no matter the size of the flight.  Safety stair nosings lend the perfect balance of visual awareness coupled with anti-slip characteristics.

Our sturdy aluminium stair nosings featuring 3M’s Safety Walk (TM) coating known to significantly improve traction while offering resistance to external elements including water, frost and general foot traffic. Suitable for use on both interior and exterior stairs, these safety-enhancing nosings should be installed where additional safety is required.

High Visibility and Easy Installation/Maintenance

For property owners who have previously shied away from safety stair nosings, the time to put safety at the forefront is now.  Easily installed, these nosings are a bright shade of yellow making them obvious.  Maintenance, as per manufacturer’s instructions is easy to carry out.

Safety needs to be a top priority for businesses and in industrial settings.  The Stair Nosings – Safety Yellow are the perfect addition to any staircase; indoor or out.  Whether protecting employees or patrons, potentially hazardous stairs will be well marked upon installation.  Value priced at £39.99, this should be atop your list of business related purchases.  When safety is your number one concern, our stair nosings make the perfect property addition.

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