Attitude is Everything

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It has been said time and time again that attitude is everything.  While sometimes easier said than done, the winter months can be particularly trying on energy levels, motivation and overall attitude.  One of the best ways to improve moods is through the use of colour.

Red, blue, green, lilac and honeysuckle, the very names can invoke thoughts of dramatic grandeur, relaxation and even a bit of trendiness.  No matter the colour, understanding the underlying psychology surrounding these elements can have a profound effect on your personal psyche.  An analysis of the symbolism behind the colours flanking the colour wheel can be a fun study in design.  Danger, spirituality, love, passion, calm are a sampling of emotions commonly associated with bold shades of red, purple, pinks and greens.

When the winter blues have you down, select clothing and home elements that evoke a personal sense of calm and comfort; the simple addition of a chic scarf to an outfit, a bright and bold designer floor mat to a favourite home space or splash of paint on a white wall can deliver a quick energy boost.  Until nature can come to the rescue with green grass, bright spring flowers and fresh air, enjoy the crisp blue skies and the peaceful beauty found in the winter months and remember, attitude is everything.

Next week we will analyse the importance of successfully incorporating colour selection into your home design.

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