Product Focus: Stair Treads

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Following up on last week’s blog post on the importance of colours on psyche and overall well-being, we thought looking at the vast palette of stair tread offerings available would be a logical segue into the discussion of this week’s product focus; stair treads.

Why Stair Treads?

Home owners, landlords and renters alike might question the need for stair treads.  This is a small design enhancement you should not be without.  The ensuing damage from routine foot traffic, shoes and pet paws will, over time, wear away at your real estate investment.  Stair treads are an excellent way to offer a cost effective design solution that is affordable, less labour intensive to install than full carpeting and yields a top notch end result.  Additionally, property owners will welcome the additional traction provided.

Are Colours Readily Available?

Yes!  With a rainbow of 16 colours available for purchase, in a number of underlying materials, there is truly something for every budget and design taste.  The combination of treads mixed with the vast availability of wall paints and wall décor will find you wishing for more stairs to cover.

What about Sizing?

In our experience, the amount of step to be covered is a matter of personal preference.  Some prefer a simple covering to offer safety.  Others look to a full covering to protect the step from routine traffic.  No matter your preference, we are pleased to offer an inventory of more than 50 styles and sizes, easily the largest collection in the UK, to our customers.

Cutting Edge Product Offering

Stair treads are a cutting edge, home enhancement offering the UK.  While the trend may be cutting edge our product offerings are available in classic conservative styles and fit for the rustic country estate or the trendy contemporary flat.

The Stair Treads Rio, Stair Treads Copenhagen, Stair Treads Moscow and Stair Treads Edinburgh are all perfect for conservative decorators looking to incorporate colour and patterns.  For the minimalist and clean fanatic our Clear Stair Treads would be the right choice.  When decorating a sleek modern setting, the Aluminium Stair Treads in glossy blue, Berlin, Calgary, Stockholm, Montreal and Quebec are all choice selections.  Single colour options can be found in a myriad of styles including the Sisal Stair Treads Sydney or Stair Treads Vienna.  The selection is unprecedented and whether your preference is colour, metallic, patterned or a combination, there is something for everyone.

Whether your preference is to tackle some indoor design and decorating projects during the dreary winter months, or to wait and plan for warmer spring months, we have you covered.  Our extensive offering of stair treads is second to none and will have your residence in tip top shape with minimal invested capital and effort.  Our extensive line of stair tread offerings are the perfect addition to your indoor space.

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