Underlying Thoughts: Get Ready It’s Coming

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Mat here, so what exactly is the IT I’m referring to?  Spring of course!  I thought there would be no better time to offer a few helpful hints to help you and your home successfully emerge from the dark days of winter.  I’ll keep it simple at four, as after this long winter, we all want to get outside as soon as temperatures head north!

  1. Think about the increased levels of light that will be filling your living space.  Dust and cob webs may be a bit more prevalent than you care to think.  Find a bright light, shine them in those dark corners and rid yourself of these unsightly allergy triggers.
  2. Make sure window screens are in working order or ready for installation.  Nothing would be worse than the arrival of warm weather and having to keep your windows closed up.  If space permits, consider vacuuming off the screens before reinstalling if you feel they need a quick brush up.  In addition to removing dust and debris, it will help some extra light filter in.
  3. Remember the protective floor mats, rug runners and stair treads that we’ve been encouraging you to put down to protect those floors and steps this winter?  They may be due for a cleaning.  Check the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions and make the time to clean them up.  You’ll find a return to the bright hues originally purchased.  Better still, consider some new additions to brighten up your space and keep those floors protected.
  4. As the weather turns, consider a seasonal laundering of bed linens, throw pillows and similar items to shed any lingering winter germs and dust.

Spring is a time to reset your home environment and bring the outdoors inside.  With a little bit of advanced preparation, you can have this environment set for the arrival of warmer weather and get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures upon arrival.

Next up, we will be investigating some spring decorating tips and trends.  Also, we would love to cover some topics of interest.  As such, if there is something you would like to see or discuss, please leave us a comment or drop us an email.  It would be our pleasure to converse with our followers!

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