Product Focus: Retro Floor Mat Flower-Power

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Spring is clearly on our minds – it must be a case of cabin fever.  So for this week’s product focus, we are going bold and bright, yet pick up a quintessential spring colour to highlight—pink.

Why Entryway Mats?

Entryway mats should be a staple in all homes.  Most homeowners spend countless hours cleaning up tracked-in dirt from guests, pets and family members.  The simple addition of some strategically placed entryway mats at high traffic entrances can significantly reduce dirt, debris and moisture being dragged in.  While we wait excitedly for the arrival of spring, we know that rain will be coming along with the warmer weather—and with rain comes mud.

Retro Floor Mat Flower Power:

Graced with large ivory and chocolate chrysanthemums, this rose-hued door mat is the perfect way to guard entryways and welcome guests.  Whether you desire an added touch of elegance or classic charm, the simple colour combination will coordinate perfectly with existing décor.


Constructed from nylon, expect years of use.  The Retro Floor Mat Flower Power features a non slip rubber backing which steadies the mat, preventing accidental slips or bunching behind opened doors.


As a member of our Use&Wash series, expect easy maintenance.  Manufacturer’s recommended instructions indicate the mat can be hand or machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius with a mild detergent.  To dry, simply lay the mat out flat and allow air drying.

Whether updating your door mats or investing in these quality products, the pink hued Retro Floor Mat will make the perfect addition to your home or office.  Attractively priced at £29.99, consider ordering one for a friend who may need a colour lift at their house.  You’ll be glad you did!

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