Avoiding a Wheel Big Problem

Posted in Chair Mats, Office Supplies, Protective Floor Coverings

Office chairs – love them or hate them, they are a mainstay in most every UK office setting.  Unfortunately, the underlying wheels can be one of the biggest causes of damages to your rented space or home office environment.  Planning accordingly, to include chair mats, when building out office space should be a priority.  Not only do mats afford protection against the dangers presented by harmless yet offending office chairs, they also guard against static electricity and other dangers to your costly technology equipment investments.

Selecting a mat is a relatively easy process.  First, know that there are different mats for hard floors and carpeted surfaces and a proper selection is key to avoiding additional problems.  Take time to measure properly and select an office chair mat that covers the entire area where you plan on using your chair.  Next, take a look at the material composition of the mat.  Ideally, you want something in polycarbonate that is PVC free.Chair Mat for carpet flooring

Why polycarbonate?  This workmanlike material is recyclable, non-toxic and an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC.

In order to work comfortably, a suitable office chair is a must have for any work environment.  The downside to comfort is the potential for floor damage.  Taking the time to plan accordingly can keep you comfortable and protect your office space from the harmful effects of routine office chair traffic.  Remember, a small upfront investment can help you avoid a wheel big problem in the long run.

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