The Cost of Dirt

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Did you ever think about the cost of removing dirt?  More than likely, you are probably going to confess it is not something that has crossed your mind.  However, in the floor mat industry, we do actually spend time pondering such conundrums.  Now, we’re not talking about massive mounds in your backyard.  Instead, our thoughts rest more with the out of sight, out of mind, amounts that get dragged in with routine foot traffic.  As such, we are constantly on the hunt for floor mats that both help reduce the unsightly presence of dirt and trap the pesky substance.  In turn, we make these high quality products available to help lower your ongoing expenditures.

Beige Dirt Trapper MatThe grimy, gritty substance incurs costs by adding to ongoing facility maintenance and expensive repairs.  Many of our floor coverings are machine washable and part of our Use & Wash series, which both extends product lifespan and enhances usefulness by reducing costly rental charges or professional maintenance services.  Other dirt trapper mats simply require a thorough vacuuming to remove unsightly dirt.  The underlying dirt trapping properties of the mats will also help protect the covered floor surface which can be costly to repair and refinish when damaged by dirt and foot traffic.

So what is the estimated annual cost of dirt removal?  According to industry expert 3M, the average annual cost to remove 1 kg of dirt is approximately £860.  With business costs constantly on the rise, investing in a solid set of floor coverings can be the perfect way to minimise ongoing maintenance charges.  Additionally, by protecting underlying flooring surfaces, you will save on costly surface repairs from a combination of damage coupled with ongoing wear and tear.

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