Showcasing Your Staircase

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Homeowners and renters alike are constantly on the hunt for design solutions for rooms in the home.  Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms often garner the majority of attention with stairways and hallways often being easily overlooked.  So, if you are looking for a new spring decorating project, why not look to your well-used and centrally located staircase?

First, analyse existing colours to look for ways to tie together your design.  Banisters and the existing underlying flooring surfaces and treads should be coordinated with any furniture and accessories.  For example, if your home features oak hardwood surfaces, incorporate a dresser or hall table in oak to tie together the design elements.

Next, welcome in light.  Perhaps your staircase is in close proximity to a window or front door.  If the door features a window currently covered, consider switching to a lighter weight, more light-friendly fabric.  Alternatively, ditch the covering altogether to welcome in the most natural light.  Not only will the space glow in the day’s rays, you will likely see savings on your electric bills.  If natural lighting is not an option, include a lighting fixture in your decorating project.  With keys, wallets and mobile phones commonly tossed in the vicinity of an entryway, lighting will come in handy when seeking out the occasionally missing item.

Finally, select your accessories.  Some simple pieces that match the materials, fabrics and curvature of your staircase will visually enhance the space.  Square stairs will be best paired with Mission style accessories and square-framed art whereas a curved staircase would be easily complemented by a semi-circular table and rounded mirror.  Incorporating elements including stair treads and rug runners can soften both sounds and the visual appearance of the space.

Remember, a well-accessorised foyer or staircase will set your entryway apart and welcome guests and family members for years to come.  Consider these easy design suggestions for your next home project.

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