Product Focus: Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting

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Few products have the ability to crossover between industrial and residential use as handily as our Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting.  Whether put to use in a warehouse, selected as a lining for parts of your garage or installed in a horse box or stable yard, this is a floor matting solution not to be overlooked.

Where to Use Rubber Matting:

Some great uses for rubber matting include vehicle beds, kennels and cages, as a safety application to otherwise slippery floors or even lining work benches and shelves.  The material supports high traffic area by delivering a combination of safety and stability.

Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting Features:

With a lengthwise ribbed or fluted pattern, the mat features a flat reverse side.  The textured surface delivers a standout combination of grip, comfort and ongoing safety.  Look for the matting to deliver exceptional performance under all types of traffic, conditions and stress.   Purchasers can expect a lasting solution to the flooring need at hand.


The matting is constructed of a high quality NR/SBR rubber compound.


When installed with industrial strength flooring adhesives, sweeping and mops are acceptable forms of cleaning.  If the matting will simply rest on the chosen surface, expect easy removal and cleaning with standard solvents.

Safety in Mind:

Featuring a width of 6mm, the thick rubber provides a stellar combination of insulation and protection against impacts and spills.

No matter your intended destination for the Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting, the decision to purchase will add value and safety to the intended area of use.  With pricing starting as low as £19.99, custom lengths are available.

Have you found a unique use for our ribbed rubber matting?  If so, feel free to share with your fellow shoppers.  You may be helping someone out more than you know!

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