Quick Touches Can Net Desired Results

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For many of us, we lack the time to truly commit to a design project or a simpler redesign project.  As such, we thought we would offer some quick touches that can give your favourite space a reinvigorated feel with minimal effort and time invested on your part.

Take An Hour:

  1. Dust the mantle and place some new accessories up for display.  Glass pieces make a great addition as they are clear and will give the appearance of increased space.
  2. Declutter the coffee tables of books, magazines, remotes and more.  Find a new crafty container to hold these items that constantly go missing.
  3. Turn the couch cushions and plump those pillows.
  4. With your coffee and end tables now clear, rearrange remaining accessories.  Consider tackling bookcases and curious with the same intent.

Take a Day:

  1. Select a new colour scheme and incorporate some easy design elements including a cosy blanket and some throw pillows.  Remember, different shapes and sizes can add to the allure of the space being revamped.
  2. Swap rugs out between rooms and spaces.  Not only will this help adjust your décor, it may also extend the longevity of your favourite floor mats
  3. With warm temperatures often come budding plants.  Bring in some fresh cut flowers to add a breath of fresh air to the space.
  4. If you want a dramatic change, consider rearranging furniture if you have enough help and patience to see the activity through to completion.

Take a Weekend:

  1. Revisit the bookcases and organise your collection by colour or size.  Have you ever considered your collection can actually make a rustic design statement?
  2. Purchase and install crown moulding or wainscoting.  We recommend painting it a soft shade of white.
  3. Refinish a piece of furniture such as a favourite oversized chair.  Alternatively, consider painting the inside of your bookcases or curio cabinets for a refreshed look.
  4. Venture out and shop a local flea market, yard sale or antique for a great conversational piece of vintage furniture.  Some of our favourites include night stands, side tables or ottomans.

With a little time and creativity, an easy redesign of a room could be well within your grasp.  Good luck!

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