Furniture Moving Tips & Secrets

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We’ve spent much time recently discussing revamping rooms, sprucing up your space for spring and generally bringing about some change to your home environment. One of the things we think is important to consider during all this transition is the importance of properly moving and placing furniture. For many of us, furniture is an investment along with the underlying flooring it rests upon. As such, special care should be given to maintain the condition and well-being of these pieces while in transit.

Make Many Measurements:
Prior to moving furniture, take the time to measure the piece being moved along with the path it must take to reach its final destination (think stairs, doorways and halls). Sure, that antique wardrobe may look amazing in your recently renovated living room – but if it can’t make it into the room, it is truly of no use.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take It Apart:
Removing drawers, carrying pillows and cushions separately along with taking care to move mirrors and glass tops should be an approach taken when moving furniture. The time spent breaking down a piece to its component parts can save on strained backs and potentially broken pieces.

Protect Those Floors:
By and large, furniture is heavy. Take care to protect your flooring to ensure costly repairs are not necessary post-move. Padding should be used under the legs of your furniture pieces. Small floor mats or folded towels are the perfect way to protect both the flooring and furniture while moving pieces. 

Be Ready:
Make sure the final destination for a piece of furniture is properly primed prior to starting the transit process. If a rug runner or other floor mat will be used in the new location, please make sure to have it ready to receive the newly located piece of furniture. The last thing you want to do, post move, is to be struggling to place the furniture along with the protective floor covering.

These simple techniques should be used to save you time, frustration and headaches when purchasing or rearranging existing furniture.

If you have a tip, please feel free to add a comment to share it with your fellow readers.

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