Hidden Treasures and Reclaiming Space

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Ok admit it, how many of you have a pile of items you constantly intend to get to?  Or yet, perhaps you are haunted by smaller piles of items covering your gorgeous stair treads and cluttering the front entryway.  More than likely, items including old magazines, clothing from a few seasons ago or even a stash of recipes that you dream of masterfully weaving into your usual rotation of family meals have collected in your home.  Now, stop and think, what is the likelihood that you will really conquer any of these items in the near future?  Do you ever feel like your home or office environment is too small?  If you’re answering “yes” to any of these questions, the time has likely come for an “organise and reorganise” project of sorts.

Make the Time:

First, put some time on your calendar to tackle the project at hand.  Perhaps it will be as easy as an hour on a random Saturday – more than likely, you may need to carve out a few hours or separate days to address the project.  Additionally, think about how you would like things ultimately to be.

Organise, Plan and Prepare

Prior to tackling the project, compile the necessary supplies to complete the day’s activity.  If you will be cleaning out the closet, consider having four containers available for sorting:  a keep pile, a garbage pile, a fix pile and a donate pile.  A similar approach can be used in an office setting (records to keep, documents to shred and items to address).  Budget for some storage supplies which will come in handy during the post-sorting phase.

Plan to Take Action:

With the sorting complete, have a plan to reorganise the remaining items into the most effective and efficient mode of display.  Did you just successfully weed through a collection of old magazines or tackle your office?  Consider collecting the content into a series of binders, divided by theme, such as home, cooking and cleaning or client for business related records.  For bathroom, closet, attic or basement projects, clear plastic containers in a variety of sizes will help you store items.  The added advantage of transparent containers is a limited need to label the contents (as you can see right inside).

Try Not to Overwhelm

Sorting and cleaning can be both time consuming and occasionally emotionally exhausting.  Divide project into realistic tasks and the entire project will seem less daunting.

Resolve to Stay Ahead:

After investing your precious free time to conquer clutter and other miscellaneous items, resolve to stay ahead of the mess.  By putting items in their designated home, removing clothes from your wardrobe when worn, frayed or outgrown or simply reading that magazine when it arrives, you can save yourself from a repeat of this project in due time.

The treasures identified in the cleaning process can be immeasurable.  However, when the stacks and stashes of daily life make it impossible to see the underlying floor mats you decorated your home with, the time has come to take action.

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