Choosing the right Chair mat

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Alright, so you’ve decided you need a chair mat for your home or office. Now what? Well firstly you need to figure out which type of mat you need. This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process, just a little assessment and common knowledge is all that’s required. Here are some tips that might help you decide.

Step 1 – Which one?Chair mat hard floor

First you need to distinguish the difference between the mats available. The most common of which, are chair mats for carpet floors, and chair mats for hard floors. The difference being, carpet chair mats are fitted with small studs that are able to grip to the carpet and allow for stability. Hard floor chair mats are completely smooth. This helps them create friction and therefore reduces any movement.

Step 2 – Materials

You should now know what type of mat you require. Next step is to determine what style of mat you require. Chair mats are available in a variety of materials, effecting price, quality, and transparency. Whether you’re choosing a mat top keep with the aesthetic of your room, or whether you’re looking for durability, or even both. It’s important to know what you want. The most common materials available are Polycarbonate, PET, and Polypropylene, all with their own unique qualities. If you’re looking for an ultra-modern feel, chair mats are now available in Bamboo. Bamboo being one of the most durable organic materials known to man, it makes an excellent material for chair mats!

PC – Polycarbonate:

Polycarbonate is a very durable material with a high impact-resistance. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest and most durable plastics available on the market. The structural properties of polycarbonate give it a very high temperature resistance and a high transparency ratio. In many cases, it is known to have better light transmission than glass. Unlike most plastics, polycarbonate can undergo massive deformations and without cracking or breaking. All these properties combined, you have an overall effective chair mat! This type of mat is also available in black for a more modern look.

PP – Polypropylene:

Polypropylene is typically characterised as very strong and durable. One of the most commonly used plastics; it provides long-lasting efficiency, and guaranteed results. Due to the process involved in the manufacturing of this material, chair mats tend to be of reduce translucency, leaving you with a frosted opaque finish. This is due to the applied pigments in the manufacturing. Although frosted, polypropylene serves as a great material in the production of chair mats. These properties give the mat a very high impact resistance, and also ensure that not bending or discolouration occurs.


Polyethylene terephthalate, better known as PET is a material most commonly derived from recycled materials. This is a great solution for the environment, as it enables the re use of such common products like drinks bottles and containers to be recycled and reused. PET chair mats provide an excellent solution to a very common problem, at the same time giving you a long lasting durable product. The recycling process of PET gives the mat a slightly frosted finish, giving reduced translucency.


A typical Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 square inch, compared to 23,000 for that of steel. This makes it by fare one of the strongest materials in the world when it comes to tension structure. This is a great solution to help the environment: It’s as smooth as silk, and as tough as steel. Bamboo is a truly sustainable harvested grass that regenerates at least 8 times faster than most hardwood. This, coupled with a luxurious finish, make Bamboo chair mats a suitable option for most homes and offices.

Step 3 – Size

Once you’ve absorbed the information, the next step is to choose an appropriate size. All our mats are advertised in (cm). We advise that you choose a size that allows for the best movement possible. For office tables with little leg room, a chair mat with lip is also available. This is designed to be placed partially under the table to avoid any inconvenience. A selection of chair mats can also be cut to custom sizes up to 3 metres long.

Chair mats can also be implemented for various offer applications including, for use under high chairs, for use near or around floors that experience high levels if traffic, they can even be used under furniture to protect floors from damage.

For carpet Floors – Pile depth test

  • When choosing a chair mat for carpets floors, it is important that you know the pile depth. This will ensure you choose the product that is most suitable. It will also help increase the life of your mat, and of the carpet.

    Carpet chair mat - pin test

    Carpet chair mat - pin test

  • All carpet chair mats are designs with studs to help hold the mat firmly in place. Although stud length only varies slightly, it is import to note that overall thickness of mats differs depending on material and size. Usually the stronger a material is consider
    ed, the thinner the mat.
  • If you don’t use the mats for their intended purpose, this will cause CRACKING. For example; if you were to use an ECO carpet mat on a high pile carpet, this would most likely result in small cracks. This is due to the mat being unable to absorb the pressure applied by the castors as it rolls on the thick carpet. Although flexible, ECO mats are adverse to small amounts of deformation and bending, resulting in cracks.
  • The pin test: One very effective way of measuring your carpets pile depth is to use a pin. Place the pin in the carpet gently until you feel the bottom. It is important to force the pin, as this may result in a negative measurement. Once removed, hold your fingers where the carpet ends, then measure the length in (mm). This is your pile length.
  • Now that we know the depth of our carpet, we need to choose an appropriate mat.
  1. Carpet 6mm thick or less with no underlay                              Hard floor Chairmat
  2. Carpet 7-12mm thick, with underlay                                          PC, PP, ECO Carpet Chairmat
  3. Carpet 12-17mm thick, with underlay                                        PC, PP Carpet Chairmat
  4. Bamboo chairmats are suitable for both carpet and hard floors.

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