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Rubber Grass Matting

Rubber grass matting - Suitable for all outdoor areas

Rubber Grass Matting

We would like to present our new range of rubber grass mats perfect for outdoor activity areas and walkways.

These mats have multipurpose function and can be used for a wide range of applications. Not only do they provide effective fall protection, but there ring structure allows for grass to grow straight through. This is perfect if you want to maintain the appearance of your grass.

Rubber ring grass mats

Rubber ring grass mats

As well as conventional playground protection, these mats are also very effective for outdoor walking areas. Their flexible rubber structure is able to  form particularly well around uneven surfaces enabling them to stay effective even in the roughest conditions.

The mats also have a non-slip surface to prevent against falls in wet or damp conditions, and the underside has small nobbles which help ensure stability during use.

Customised Sizes Available

These mats come available in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs, and you now have the option to select the exact size you require by using our custom size selection tool. For awkward spaces, or long  trickey walkways, this custom option is ideal and helps make life a whole lot easier.

Rubber grass mat for playground

Rubber grass mat for playground

The strong durable rubber structure of these mats provides a shock absorbent surface which helps prevent injury upon impact. For this reason we believe that these mats are definitely worth considering for all out door activity areas.

Click here to view our range of rubber grass mats.

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  1. Kathleen Simonson says:

    I always love to see products that can be used for various purposes. These mats are worth every penny spent. Its mechanism is what amazed me because it doesn’t damage or hinder grass growth at the same time that it functions for safety.

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