Playground Rubber Safety Matting

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Rubber playground matting


It is no surprise that after such a long, cold winter we are all eager to get out into the warm sunshine and top up our vitamin D levels. Warmer weather and longer daylight hours means more opportunity for fresh air and exercise and can also mean more playtime fun for children, especially in outdoor play areas.

Playgrounds can be fun and exciting places, helping to build dexterity, strength, physical coordination and balance, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment for your children and being a great place for them to meet and make new friends.

Children are, however, very active and inventive and can often use the playground equipment in ways which were not necessarily intended by the playground equipment manufacturers and designers. Unfortunately, more children playing outside often means more playground-related injuries.

Every year thousands of children are treated in hospital as a result of various playground accidents, ranging from the more minor injuries such as bumps, bruises, cuts and grazes, to more serious fractures, dislocations, amputations and even life-threatening internal injuries and concussions.  It is no surprise therefore, that the highest number of injuries are caused by falls.  Children often fall because they jump or slip from climbing frames, monkey bars, chin-up bars, overhead ladders, slides, swings, seesaws, jungle gyms, spring riders, playhouses, merry-go-rounds, carousels, or just simply because they trip over when running around.

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Rubber Playground mats range in many sizes and colours

Why Rubber Mats Are Important?

A proper, safe and shock absorbent playground surface is therefore one of the most important factors in reducing the likelihood of severe injuries associated with playground falls.

Rubber safety matting is the perfect solution and can greatly improve the safety of the recreation area. It is highly shock absorbent, non-slip, durable, non-toxic and can significantly soften the impact of your child’s fall. It is stable and waterproof, yet breathable so that it doesn’t retain water and get mouldy or slippery. The smooth, quick-drying surface helps water to evaporate quickly, preventing muddy puddles. The inter-locking tiles provide a more stable and uniform surface than wood chips, bark mulch or sand. They therefore allow the best access for people with wheelchairs and push-chairs or buggys/strollers.

They are easy to maintain, can be used all year round and are available in several different UV resistant colours making it more attractive and interesting for children. Litter and harmful objects such as pieces of glass, metal, or even sharp stones can often hide in loose fill products like wood chippings, bark mulch, gravel or sand, also causing further injury. They can also be difficult to find and extract once they have become mixed up.

A rubber matting surface is ideal because it is smooth and solid, allowing your child to run around freely without being impeded and does not allow foreign objects to hide or penetrate it. Playground rubber matting is safe, fun, durable and really could save a trip to the hospital and your child’s life.

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