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Product Focus: Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting

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Few products have the ability to crossover between industrial and residential use as handily as our Thick Broad Ribbed Rubber Matting.  Whether put to use in a warehouse, selected as a lining for parts of your garage or installed in a horse box or stable yard, this is a floor matting solution not to be overlooked. Where to Use Rubber Matting: Some great uses for … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Employers are constantly in search of ways to enhance the workplace for their employees.  As study after study documents, happy and healthy workers typically demonstrate increased productivity coupled with reduced illness and injury.  As employers prepare to start the new year, we encourage you to consider an investment in your workers’ well-being.   This week’s product focus is on our broad inventory of anti-fatigue mats and … Continue reading

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Gift Ideas for the Person with Everything

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Following up on our post of holiday gift giving ideas, we thought we would highlight each of the offerings outlined over the course of the next few days.  Today we will discuss unique gift ideas for the person with everything in your life.  We all know that person, the seemingly most difficult person to shop for.  They have everything they could possibly need, so how … Continue reading

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We’re Growing by Leaps and Bounds

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In the next week or so, we will be unveiling some new exciting product offerings.  While we can’t divulge the specifics, suffice to say, you should check back for product updates and announcements.  In the interim, over the course of the next few days, we will work to provide information on the materials used in constructing these rugs, mats and runners along with industry trends … Continue reading

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