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Product Focus: Stair Nosings

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Worker safety is of the utmost priority in factory and industrial settings.  Additionally, anywhere a chance misstep could occur, property owners should be attentive to increasing visibility and awareness of a potential drop.  Few accidents can be as painful and costly as a fall down stairs, no matter the size of the flight.  Safety stair nosings lend the perfect balance of visual awareness coupled with … Continue reading

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Mind Your Step

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Floormat Adieu Tristesse

According to a Health and Safety Laboratory Report, falls from stairs currently represent the second highest agent involved in falls below 2 metres.  With most falls occurring in residential settings, and going unreported, the truth remains that this is an increasingly difficult area to monitor and improve, given the incomplete data collection. Recognising how to avoid falls, promote stair safety and prevent future mishaps should … Continue reading

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