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Product Focus | Design Floor mats

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Design doormats

Whether you’re looking for a commercial or domestic solution, it’s always good to know you have options available. Our brilliant range of design floor mats offers a wide range of choices, suitable for virtually all interior designs. Pattern door mats are a way to express your creativity at the same time as ensuring your guest get the nice warm welcome they deserve. Choose from a … Continue reading

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Design And Create Your Own Cutomised Door Mat

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When you think about a door mat, how do you picture it in your mind?  Is it just a basic black or brown mat, maybe with the word “Welcome” on it?  Well, with a new design your own customised mat option available online, door mats no longer need to be boring!  We all know that creating a memorable first impression for either your home guests … Continue reading

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Quick Touches Can Net Desired Results

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Venice Mat

For many of us, we lack the time to truly commit to a design project or a simpler redesign project.  As such, we thought we would offer some quick touches that can give your favourite space a reinvigorated feel with minimal effort and time invested on your part. Take An Hour: Dust the mantle and place some new accessories up for display.  Glass pieces make … Continue reading

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Showcasing Your Staircase

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Homeowners and renters alike are constantly on the hunt for design solutions for rooms in the home.  Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms often garner the majority of attention with stairways and hallways often being easily overlooked.  So, if you are looking for a new spring decorating project, why not look to your well-used and centrally located staircase? First, analyse existing colours to look for ways … Continue reading

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Know the uses of paints – what no one tells you

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If colour is the aspect you like most in paints, think again! Paints have got just bigger in use. Well, we are not talking about paints and coatings used for our walls and floors. There are many other uses of it too. Check, if you know all of these or not. Besides interior and exterior coatings of your house, paints are also used for other … Continue reading

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Out with the Old and In with the New

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Out with the old and in with the new; so goes the old adage.  Last week, Pantone, the worldwide authority on colour announced their pick for the 2011 Colour of the Year.  Known to industry insiders as PANTONE 18-2120, the general public will recognise the code by its more common name, Honeysuckle. A lovely shade of pink with a dashing infusion of red is one … Continue reading

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Underlying Thoughts: Stair Tread Gift Ideas

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Following up on our recent post of holiday gift giving ideas, we thought we would highlight each of the offerings outlined over the course of the next few days.  Today we will discuss stair treads, the overall trend and some of our product offerings. Stair treads are a new design element being offered in the UK.  Our extensive product line offers something for every taste, … Continue reading

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Stair Treads: Adding Beauty and Improving Safety One Step at a Time

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With stair treads a relatively new design solution in the UK, many consumers may question the need or use for these coverings.  A comprehensive review of the product and its benefits will hopefully shed some light on the beneficial nature of this quasi-nouveau offering. What are Stair Treads? Stair treads are small stair-sized rugs attached to each step. With only a portion of the stair … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Post: Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends

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Winter Design Trends

Today’s post on interior design trends comes to us from the experts at Terry’s Fabrics. Adopt one of these autumn/winter interior design trends to inject bright colours into your home. Although all white rooms remain popular many interior designers are using pops of bright colours to bring tired looking décor up-to-date without the need for total room makeovers. The trend of having stripped floorboards or … Continue reading

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Underlying Thoughts

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“Underlying Thoughts” — Our resident rug, Mat, provides some insight to customers on questions received during the past week. As promised, I took the time to put together some brief thoughts on upcoming design trends for 2011.  There will be more to come on the subject as we approach the end of the year and industry leaders begin to offer their prophecies for 2011 and … Continue reading

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