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Design And Create Your Own Cutomised Door Mat

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When you think about a door mat, how do you picture it in your mind?  Is it just a basic black or brown mat, maybe with the word “Welcome” on it?  Well, with a new design your own customised mat option available online, door mats no longer need to be boring!  We all know that creating a memorable first impression for either your home guests … Continue reading

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The Eco-Friendly Way to Clean your Carpet

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Carpet cleaners all across the globe are providing eco-friendly ways for carpet cleaning. The chemicals usually used in carpet cleaning are toxic in nature and can lead to allergic symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. Family members who are exposed to such chemicals on a daily basis are more prone lung and brain damage. One can make eco-friendly carpet cleaners with household items. A new class … Continue reading

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Nature Makes the Perfect Décor

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For homeowners and renters seeking out low-cost yet aesthetically appealing design solutions, look no further than the bounty offered by Mother Nature. Bringing the outside indoors can be a fun way to decorate your space without breaking the bank. Hallways, entryways and living room settings can easily be graced by tall flowering stems of trees. Many of our whimsical designer floor mats would be the … Continue reading

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Quick Touches Can Net Desired Results

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Venice Mat

For many of us, we lack the time to truly commit to a design project or a simpler redesign project.  As such, we thought we would offer some quick touches that can give your favourite space a reinvigorated feel with minimal effort and time invested on your part. Take An Hour: Dust the mantle and place some new accessories up for display.  Glass pieces make … Continue reading

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Showcasing Your Staircase

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Homeowners and renters alike are constantly on the hunt for design solutions for rooms in the home.  Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms often garner the majority of attention with stairways and hallways often being easily overlooked.  So, if you are looking for a new spring decorating project, why not look to your well-used and centrally located staircase? First, analyse existing colours to look for ways … Continue reading

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Attitude is Everything

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Floormat Adieu Tristesse

It has been said time and time again that attitude is everything.  While sometimes easier said than done, the winter months can be particularly trying on energy levels, motivation and overall attitude.  One of the best ways to improve moods is through the use of colour. Red, blue, green, lilac and honeysuckle, the very names can invoke thoughts of dramatic grandeur, relaxation and even a … Continue reading

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Getting Married: Planning for Happily Ever After

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Between the constant chatter regarding the upcoming royal weddings, the popularity of spring and summer celebrations and what has often been referred to as engagement season (the period from Christmas through Valentine’s Day), we thought now to be the perfect time to discuss brining together a household and some helpful planning tips.  For engaged couples, the time leading up to the big day is busy … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Thick Coir Doormat

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Few things are more appealing than a classic entryway mat. When that same mat is recognised as being an environmentally friendly material, it makes the piece that much more appealing. Our Thick Coir Doormat offers this perfect combination of features. Constructed of coir, a coconut byproduct, these mats are an eco-friendly design solution. The stiff fibre composition is extremely effective in removing dirt and moisture … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Oasis

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With the craziness most of us face on a daily basis, setting up a peaceful at home oasis should be a top priority.  This space will quickly become a haven for relaxation, away from the madness of the daily grind.  For some, the space will be in the kitchen where many a delightful meal will be prepared while for others, the bedroom or bathroom will … Continue reading

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Clean Starts

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With the arrival of the New Year, we often find shoppers in a hunt for small items that will net big returns in giving their home, flat or apartment a reinvigorated look.  The winter months can drag on for what feels like an eternity.  Here are a few products that will help add a punch of colour, prevent slipping and trap the dirt that gets … Continue reading

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