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Kitchen Runners – Just In Time For Winter

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With winter fast approaching, why not consider a runner to add some warmth to those cold kitchen floors? Continue reading

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What should we do with all this rubber?

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Rubber Tyre Mountian

We are a consumer nation, and everything we use and consume has to end up somewhere. Most things nowadays can be recycled. Things such as glass, paper and cardboard, no problem, the list goes on. But unfortunately there are many thing we use such as electrical goods and rubber products. Continue reading

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Product Focus: Stair Treads

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Following up on last week’s blog post on the importance of colours on psyche and overall well-being, we thought looking at the vast palette of stair tread offerings available would be a logical segue into the discussion of this week’s product focus; stair treads. Why Stair Treads? Home owners, landlords and renters alike might question the need for stair treads.  This is a small design … Continue reading

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Stella McCartney Ltd selects as Chair Mat Supplier

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When Stella McCartney Ltd. required chair mats for their office space, they needed something that was stylish, durable and functional.  As such, they recently selected as a supplier of chair mats for their offices.  After researching various available matting solutions, Stella McCartney Ltd. selected 16 polycarbonate chair mats for hard floors , offered by The offices were outfitted with their purchased mats in … Continue reading

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