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Playground Rubber Safety Matting

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Playground Safety Matting

It is no surprise that after such a long, cold winter we are all eager to get out into the warm sunshine and top up our vitamin D levels. Warmer weather and longer daylight hours means more opportunity for fresh air and exercise and can also mean more playtime fun for children, especially in outdoor play areas. Playgrounds can be fun and exciting places, helping to build dexterity, strength, physical … Continue reading

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Product Focus | Rubber Grass Mats

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Rubber Grass Matting

Rubber Grass Matting We would like to present our new range of rubber grass mats perfect for outdoor activity areas and walkways. These mats have multipurpose function and can be used for a wide range of applications. Not only do they provide effective fall protection, but there ring structure allows for grass to grow straight through. This is perfect if you want to maintain the appearance of your grass. … Continue reading

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What should we do with all this rubber?

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Rubber Tyre Mountian

We are a consumer nation, and everything we use and consume has to end up somewhere. Most things nowadays can be recycled. Things such as glass, paper and cardboard, no problem, the list goes on. But unfortunately there are many thing we use such as electrical goods and rubber products. Continue reading

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The Cost of Dirt

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Beige Dirt Trapper Mat

Did you ever think about the cost of removing dirt?  More than likely, you are probably going to confess it is not something that has crossed your mind.  However, in the floor mat industry, we do actually spend time pondering such conundrums.  Now, we’re not talking about massive mounds in your backyard.  Instead, our thoughts rest more with the out of sight, out of mind, … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Stair Nosings

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Worker safety is of the utmost priority in factory and industrial settings.  Additionally, anywhere a chance misstep could occur, property owners should be attentive to increasing visibility and awareness of a potential drop.  Few accidents can be as painful and costly as a fall down stairs, no matter the size of the flight.  Safety stair nosings lend the perfect balance of visual awareness coupled with … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Scraper Mat Premium

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As we start the New Year off, we recognise that many of our customers have resolved to bring order and cleanliness into their home, office and business space.  As such, this week we would like to direct your attention to our premium scraper mat.  Few things can cause more frustration than dirty entryways.  Stopping the mess before it encroaches on your home or work environment … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Employers are constantly in search of ways to enhance the workplace for their employees.  As study after study documents, happy and healthy workers typically demonstrate increased productivity coupled with reduced illness and injury.  As employers prepare to start the new year, we encourage you to consider an investment in your workers’ well-being.   This week’s product focus is on our broad inventory of anti-fatigue mats and … Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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So says the weather and the famed American Christmas carol.  With snow blanketing the area, wreaking havoc on the travel industry and three short weeks until the holiday, we thought we would revisit the topic of outdoor stair treads and their underlying importance along with dirt trapper mats which can easily do double duty by offering anti-slip surfaces. Snow and ice, while beautiful to observe … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Coordinated Rug Runners

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If you are looking for a simple way to tie together a recent home renovation or design enhancement, look no further than our coordinating sets of rug runners and stair treads.  Together, these floor coverings offer a professional combination of décor and functionality. Whether decorating or upgrading your stair coverings for safety reasons, stair treads are the perfect compliment to visible hardwood exposure and avoiding … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Custom Sized Mats

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This week we would like to draw your attention to our vast array of custom sized mats. Whether you need office chair mats (for hard or carpeted surfaces), dirt trapper mats, entry way mats or rubber non-slip mats, we have something for everyone. Each of these offerings will offer unparalleled protection for your underlying floor surfaces. With an ability to select colour (if applicable) and … Continue reading

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