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Underlying Thoughts: Stair Tread Gift Ideas

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Following up on our recent post of holiday gift giving ideas, we thought we would highlight each of the offerings outlined over the course of the next few days.  Today we will discuss stair treads, the overall trend and some of our product offerings. Stair treads are a new design element being offered in the UK.  Our extensive product line offers something for every taste, … Continue reading

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Product Focus: Heavy Duty Rubber Ring Mat

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Our special offer for this week features our heavy duty rubber ring mat.  With wet weather a hazard in homes, commercial and industrial settings, these mats help offer protection by draining away moisture while offering traction and stability to foot traffic.  These popular safety mats can be customised with optional brush inserts.  Heavy duty and designed to withstand high levels of foot traffic, these mats … Continue reading

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Stair Treads: Adding Beauty and Improving Safety One Step at a Time

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With stair treads a relatively new design solution in the UK, many consumers may question the need or use for these coverings.  A comprehensive review of the product and its benefits will hopefully shed some light on the beneficial nature of this quasi-nouveau offering. What are Stair Treads? Stair treads are small stair-sized rugs attached to each step. With only a portion of the stair … Continue reading

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Protect Your Investment

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Smart and savvy homeowners recognise their flooring as one of the biggest expenditures in finishing and maintaining their residence.  Searching for ways to protect and maintain this valuable investment should be a top priority.  No matter the surface, regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep your flooring in top condition.  Easy care steps and decorating tips will help maintain the longevity of home floors … Continue reading

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Mind Your Step

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Floormat Adieu Tristesse

According to a Health and Safety Laboratory Report, falls from stairs currently represent the second highest agent involved in falls below 2 metres.  With most falls occurring in residential settings, and going unreported, the truth remains that this is an increasingly difficult area to monitor and improve, given the incomplete data collection. Recognising how to avoid falls, promote stair safety and prevent future mishaps should … Continue reading

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